Everyone wants to reduce their blog or website Alexa rank. But is it so easy to reduce Alexa rank? I think this is not so easy. Sometime people ask me is there any profit in Google ranking by Alexa rank. I will tell them no there is no profit by Alexa ranking in Google ranking. So why do you need it? Think a second when i visit to a popular blog or website to measure it’s popularity i check it’s Alexa rank. So if you use local ads on your website then advertiser will measure your website’s popularity by Alexa ranking. So we need to reduce our Alexa ranking. But is it so easy? No, but i use some ways to reduce a little bit. Lets see:

Ways to reduce your Alexa rank

  1. If your domain is new so claim your domain to Alexa and update your all information. Because when you will update your all information and Alexa will send bot to your blog or website. Then you have verify your website to Alexa. There are some ways you will see in verify process. I prefer meta tag verification.
  2. Use Alexa traffic widget and review widget in your blog or website. It will help you to reduce your blog or website rank.
  3. Download Alexa toolbar and install it to your browser. Download From Here
  4. Try to review about your website in Alexa. Inspire your friends and family also to write a review in Alexa about your blog. It will be the super work for reducing your Alexa rank.

Do not use so much black hat tricks it will make your blog in spam list. So try to do something simple, i think those tricks are not spamming. All those tricks are simple. Hope you will be able to reduce your Alexa rank.

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