With ageing computers, every one of us has this experience with slow working computer. We just try to get away from solution by going and getting a new system. But every time this cannot be done. It is best to understand tips to speed up computer as this will help you lots of money and effort that goes wasted in search of a new working system. Whether you work to speed up windows Vista or you want to speed up windows XP, you need to take care of few basic things. You need to assess the windows experience index and then work towards it. Let us understand few tips to speed up computer:

  1. Free disk space: This is very important step in order to speed up windows Vista or even speed up windows XP. You need to have free disk space. When you have little memory and more of programs, your systems starts responding in very slow way. When you free up some space then your system starts working in normal mode. You can free some space by just selecting certain programs that you do not need on your system. You can get in to control panel and then click programs tab, within which click programs and features. Select all those programs that you want to delete and press the button.
  2. Clearing up the internet cache is yet another tip to speed up computer. Once you clear up the internet cache you could feel the difference in speed of your system. It actually works in getting rid of all unwanted programs that gets downloaded on system and is hampering yours system to work normally. Whenever you browse internet, your history is saved in a file called cache. This way, you need to clear off your cache. This will boost off your system speed. Just go on to tools, click on internet options. Go in to history and click delete. This will get rid off from all the data that was stored. Whether you have windows Vista or even XP, this method will help to speed up windows Vista, and even speed up Windows XP.
  3. Perform a disk defragmentation: another way to use is a process of disk defragmentation. Disk defragmentation helps you to collect the data at one place. This will help in freeing some memory space. This way your system will speed up. This also adds on as tips to speed up computer. This also helps to promote the efficiency of the system.

With these steps on tips to speed up computer, you can get high performance of your system as well as yourself. You will love to work more and more on the system.

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