Sometime Facebook lock our account. Then we have to verify our security question, mobile number or Bypass Facebook Photo Verification. By verifying those we get our account back. But if then again face book lock our account, then we need to verify friend’s photo. But some of our friends tag them in to scenery and anything. So then it is tough to find real man in a photo. If it is not possible to find any friend by photo then will not return our account. So we need to pass photo verification process to get our account back.

Someone had told me to recover his account, then I have searched so many sites for this tricks, but I have become successful with a tricks. Now I will share that tricks.

Bypass Facebook Photo Verification

• Go to

• Then start photo verification process

• Write in Google image search Facebook+Your friend name

• Try it with those six person

• If any image match with any name then be sure it is he/she.

• If you can complete this process then you will get back your account.

• If you cannot find any account, then it is sad news that, you will not get back your account.

I suggest you that do not tag your friend in any photo. If he/she is present in a photo then tag him/her. And you can add Trusted Contacts to get your account back if face book block your account any time. Do it now then you will not be so harass if your account got blocked.

• Login to your face book account

• Go to account settings

• Now click on security tab

• There you will see trusted contacts option

• Click there and add your trusted contacts.

Thanks for reading, we will share more tips and tricks. Just keep watching us.

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