Keeping your house and garden looking good year-round means a constant parade of chores. You don’t have to be unusually house-proud or a keen gardener to be faced with hours of cleaning a week.

Yes, you could let your home go to wrack and ruin – but there is another option.

Get robots to do it.

It wasn’t so long ago that the only family anyone knew who had robots to do their cleaning was the Jetsons. But now, robot cleaners are widely available.

We’ll look at the three biggest chores around the house and match each to a robot cleaner.

1: The guttering

Cleaning the guttering is a nasty, dirty, and sometimes dangerous job. You don’t have to live somewhere where it rains a lot for your guttering too fill up with detritus but it helps; otherwise you often get dust and twigs that have blown up there. Before birds start roosting in it, you should clean it all out, but it’s 2015: there’s an alternative to a ladder and a stick.

You can use a Looj.

Looj (AUS$495, is Apple’s dedicated gutter-cleaning robot.

Part of the tech giant’s iRobot range, the Looj propels itself along your guttering on tractor-like rubber treads, clearing leaves as it goes. It’s effective, and it will save you countless trips up and down a ladder, but you’ll still have to go up and down a  few times to set things up. The Looj isn’t smart enough to right itself when it overturns so it does need monitoring. However, you should expect a long chore to be cut down to just a few minutes of active involvement.

Loojes (Loojs? Looj?) are 1.9 inches high and 2.9 inches wide, so there can be clearance issues – check your guttering before you pay out!

2: Vacuuming

Cleaning carpets used to be a monumental chore. Where our ancestors used to have to take them outside and beat them with a stick, now we just run a  hoover over them… and over them… and over them.

Surely there’s a way to automate this tedious, repetitive task?

The robot industry is ahead of you. Robot vacuum cleaners have made it off Tomorrow’s World and onto shelves – and floors – all over the world. Older models can be had cheaper, of course, but if you’re looking for the best you can get, the clear winner is the Neato XV Signature Pro ($749, Unlike earlier models, the Signature Pro has a laser-guided mapping system that lets it plot its environment rather than just bouncing off furniture randomly. It also works on all kinds of flooring, including hard floors, though it won’t cope with deep-pile carpets too well. You can switch it on and leave it or set it to come on at a given time, and you’ll get 90 minutes’ running time before it needs recharging.

3: Pool Cleaning

Swimming pools: luxury or necessity? Depends on the time of year…

However enjoyable a pool is, though, there’s nothing fun about scraping algae, twigs and debris out of it. But if you don’t clean it you can’t use it.

The solution is a robot, of course. In this case, your clear choice is the Dolphin Supreme M4 (AU$1799.00, It’s designed to clean every part of your pool – walls, floor, waterline. If your pool is less than 18m long and you don’t mind waiting the maximum 2.6 hours for a full cleaning cycle, the Dolphin Supreme M4 will give you the cleanest pool you’ve ever had. All the effort that’s required of you is to drop the robot in at the deep end and wait!

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