Like all fans of videogames will know, at E3 played a few days ago were presented the new beasts of Sony and Microsoft, respectively PS4 and Xbox One. The first looks more like a console for real hardcore gamers, with dizzying hardware and a lower price, but without large “revolutions” on the software side. On the other hand, the new One (leaving aside its poor name) presents less powerful hardware and higher price, but dozens of new services (including integration with other devices connected to TV, from the decoder to the old 360), thus aiming to be more of an average center that a console as we commonly understand it, also bringing a new policy on the sale of used games and lending securities, and the thing has not been frowned upon by the user: if indeed Microsoft sells its console as the best ever conceived, in a research I did on various Italian sites, on average 23% of the voters will buy the Microsoft console, while for Sony the expected market share is 66%, and finally 5% will take them both (the remaining will choose Nintendo or PC): Microsoft’s defeat is obvious.

But the interesting thing is not the number of votes, but the reasons that push to vote for PS4: in order of political frequency on used, connection required every 24 hours, performance. Apart from that probably the first two, being among the main reasons why many are thinking of “changing faction”, will be eliminated before the launch or at the latest with the first firmware update, but we are sure that the public has understood well for what Are you discarding the next Xbox One? Now, at least to ease the conscience, I will try to provide a basis for reflecting on a second time who will choose Sony for one or more of these reasons. 1) Politics on used this point has even been teased by Sony itself, but not everyone is clear what has been said: in fact it will be possible to buy games used by authorized houses (someone said GameStop?) And friends (even if it is not clear how) and without any tax imposed by microsoft, but publishers or resellers will be able to decide whether to apply it. The open wound (the one where Sony has put the finger) is the loan of titles: this will in fact be possible, but only with users on our list friends for more than a month and only for once (the topic remained on the vague , and if Micosoft wants to resume a little ‘Market share will have to consider the possibility of abolishing everything). In any case, the choice of the Redmond house is justified by the numerous IP and Software House that closed their doors for the few gains received due to piracy and second-hand market (no one wondered what happened to Bulletstorm 2?).

2) Connection required every 24 hours Unfortunately this “feature” is mandatory, but how many of us do not have a connection at home or a cell phone to use as a hotspot in case of accidents (we are talking about a few kb)? 3) Less powerful hardware Indeed One has a less powerful hardware than PS4, but this is the least of the ills, given that 1- at least for the first year if not more hardware will not be fully exploited and 2- arrived at the limit both Xbox One PS4 will use cloud computing services to expand their capabilities. Before giving one to the hardware, remember that its specifications are almost identical to those of a high-end PC (say € 800) and that even in the current generation there is a certain hardware advantage on PS3. Moral of the story: Microsoft made the mistake of looking too much in washing (or believing to do it); forgetting to consult the palmist even on sales. But his choices are (at least by me) fully shareable. Good part of his misfortunes, however, does not come from this error, but the decisions made by hearsay or data captured on the fly. I, a little ‘for the reasons listed above, apo’ for the exclusive and a good dose of fanboyism I will take One, although I have the vague feeling that in this generation Xbox will be a small circle of players, maybe so few can fill barely 64-player Battlefield 4 servers.

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